Internship at Cyclad: stressful experience or great challenge?

We have interviewed Adrianna Gębala, student of International Business at University of Economics, who performed 4 – month – long internship, that was carried out within the Cyclad company, in its regional office in Katowice.

Cyclad: Why did you choose Cyclad for your internship?

AG: I’m studying the International Business and my first priority intention was to have my internship in the international company. Cyclad is an international consulting company that operates in in the IT/ICT sectors, offering its outsourcing solutions in HR and IT services. The company provides its services through headquarters and regional offices in France, Morocco, The Philippines and Poland. Therefore I decided to apply for Internship Programme at Cyclad.

Cyclad: What kind of responsibilities did you have during the internship?

AG: My internship was based on working in Sourcing Team, which was focused at conducting different recruitment projects in the IT/ICT sectors for customers on Polish and foreign market. While talking about my responsibilities, they were connected with different stages of recruitment process.
First of all, I was supposed to search for candidates that are suitable for a particular job position in the company’s data base. For that purpose, I also used other available sources like for example business-oriented social networking services.
Secondly, I was engaged in conducting CV selection, in order to focus on candidates who will be invited for the further stage of recruitment process.
Thirdly, I was supposed to contact via telephone and e-mail with candidates, in order to offer them a particular job position and in case of interest to conduct a telephone interview.
What is more, I was responsible for verification of English language during telephone interviews. The main goal was to check whether a particular candidate has sufficient language skills to perform a given job, which was focused on asking some questions and further assessment of competencies of candidates.
Additionally, I was supposed to prepare job offer descriptions, which included also translations from Polish to English and inversely. I was also responsible for advertising them on different web portals for job seekers and companies offering employment.
Finally, I was also engaged in current administrative affairs like for example: preparing presentations in Power Point or gaining information concerning career fairs. I also improved my technical skills concerning Microsoft Office and operating on the company’s database.

Cyclad: Oh! A lot of new skills, I guess?

AG: Yes Taking into consideration all these duties performed by me, I may say that during the internship I could develop my research skills (searching for candidates for different job positions) and analysing skills as conducting telephone interviews required from me analysing the results. I developed my communication skills and the ability to conduct business phone calls. I also had a chance to work alone and in a team, which was also of great importance as I could check myself in both roles.

Cyclad: Sounds great! What about the soft skills?

AG: There was always a nice work atmosphere. When I had some questions everybody was very helpful. The “Cyclad” company organised also recreation for employees, including yoga classes during working hours, trainings concerning the company itself and also technical trainings and interpersonal skills trainings to understand how to conduct job interviews and how to talk with candidates, which generally resulted in improving my personal and communication skills, providing the opportunity to work in an international and multicultural environment.

Cyclad: How you can summarize your internship?

AG: Summing up, the internship in Cyclad was beneficial for my personal development. I had a chance to really understand the culture of working in the international environment in practice. What is more, I could develop my language skills by using English almost every day. Apart from language skills, I developed my technical and personal skills, I got to know my strengths better and also expanded my contact network. Generally speaking, I could better understand the idea of HR activities due to the internship in Cyclad.

Cyclad: Do you recommend the Internship Programme at Cyclad?

AG: Yes! In my opinion, the experience and knowledge gained in Cyclad will be very useful in my future professional career. Cyclad is a really good place for gaining first professional experiences for those who want to work in the international business.

Cyclad: Thank you for your recommendation. We wish you all the best in your professional career.